Does Your Septic System Need Professional Help?

There are a lot of signs that you can keep an eye out for that can mean that your septic tank is going through some problems. It’s important to try to address these problems as quickly as possible so the problem doesn’t get worse and cost a fortune to repair. Not only that, the problems a broken septic tank can cause tend to be very messy, smelly, and inconvenient. The quicker you get around to fixing your septic tank, the better the outcome so here are a few signs that you need some septic tank repairs north port fl.

Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush Right

If your toilet isn’t flushing right, you probably have told yourself that you must have just tried to flush too much toilet paper. While flushing too much down the toilet can cause septic tank problems, it might be more than just a little clog that will go away with a good plunging and a few flushes. Most septic tank problems are caused by people putting things down drains such as the toilet and garbage disposal that are not supposed to be put into the system as they can’t decompose as easily. If plunging your toilet isn’t working to fix what looks like a clog, your septic tank may be full and need to be pumped in order to continue working as it should.

Your Water Backs Up

When you run your washing machine, you aren’t supposed to have any water that backs up into your home. If your water is backing up into your home, it could be a sign that you have septic system issues that need to be addressed. Once you start seeing water backing up into your home it’s important to get the problem fixed right away before that water turns into sewage later on when the problem gets worse.

You Smell Something Bad

If you smell sewage or rotten eggs when you go outside to relax, it could be a sign that you are having bad septic system issues. Instead of getting a breath of fresh air, you are getting a whiff of sewage and this isn’t a good situation for you or your neighbors. If you can smell the sewage, you can easily come in contact with it which could end up leading to some health problems that can be pretty serious. You aren’t supposed to be able to smell the sewage in your tank so if you do it means that it has escaped and is leaking into your yard.

Your Grass Is Strangely Green

If you are noticing that your yard has particularly beautiful grass but only in areas that are around your septic system, you may have some big problems. It could mean that sewage is leaking out of your tank and fertilizing your yard in a way that isn’t that pleasant to think about. If you are noticing healthier or faster-growing grass in your yard, there’s a chance that the leak has been going on for quite a while.