The Use of Thermal Imagers in the Construction and Repair of Buildings

Thermal imager: a universal diagnostician in construction. These cameras are devices that convert the infrared radiation of an object invisible to the human eye into visible light. The devices have a screen on which the intensity of thermal radiation of the surface under investigation is displayed in shades of gray or in color. The warmer the surface, the brighter it appears on the black and white display. The color red defines the most heat-radiating areas; further on the corresponding colors of the rainbow, the blue and black colors denote the coldest places.

With the help of this measuring device, it is possible to estimate the heat leakage through the window and door openings during the cold period or vice versa—the influx of unwanted heat into the room in hot weather. At an early stage of construction, identify possible weaknesses in the construction of a building structure. The most important role is played by thermal imaging in construction during thermal insulation work, because the presence of certain places with strong heat losses can negate all efforts to insulate the rest of the surface. In practice, this leads not only to an increase in energy consumption indoors, but also to freezing or dampness of structures, which can lead to their early destruction. In addition this, it can also cause deterioration of interior decoration and the unfavorable indoor climate complications of mold and fungus, both of which can adversely affect health living in such a building.

For residential premises in multi-apartment utility buildings, a thermal imaging survey can help identify heat leaks through windows and entrance doors or balcony doors, as well as the operating efficiency of heating appliances. Residents can fix such defects individually. The identified heat leaks in the supporting structures cannot be individually rectified, since the insulation of apartment walls from the inside by thermal engineering calculations is ineffective and even leads to a deterioration of the indoor microclimate.

The only option is the external insulation of the whole house and a thorough inspection of a house with a thermal camera (thermogram of a cottage on the screen of a thermal imager). For owners of individual houses and cottages, the use of a thermal imager to improve the thermal insulation of the premises is more productive since they are free to install external thermal insulation. However, the cost of thermal imagers is high. Therefore, the purchase of instruments for a one-time survey of the house is often unprofitable. In this case, you can resort to the services of companies offering thermal imagers for rent. Some companies offer, in addition to the device, a specialist who will quickly and efficiently conduct research and give necessary recommendations.

It is better to order the services of thermovision diagnostics in a cool season. For example, when the temperature difference outside and in an apartment or a country house is significant and is more than 60 °F. In the summer, it is almost useless to check because of the small temperature difference.