Having Repair Work Done On Your Company Vehicles

When you own a business that is dependent on its vehicles to either make deliveries or transport your employees to work sites, you are aware that there will be times when you need to make repairs to them. Even if you have brand new vehicles, with enough wear and tear on them, they will need to have work done on a regular basis. Older vehicles will require much more work on them in order to keep them productive. Having a good mechanic and repair shop is essential if you depend on your trucks.

What Type Of Repair Work Will Be Needed

Any vehicle can require a repair now and then, but to avoid the unexpected repairs, you will need to have regular maintenance done on them. Regular maintenance includes oil changes and tune ups. All fluids should be checked weekly if they are used constantly and keeping records of this should be maintained in your offices. If you are able to keep up with the regular maintenance items, then, your vehicles will last a much longer time. There will be times however, that you will need to do other repairs to the trucks and cars in your fleet. Brakes and new tires will be needed almost yearly and you should include the cost for these in your budget. If you change your brakes regularly, the mechanic working on your truck or car may recommend that you also include twin disc repairs or replacements. The discs may only need to be replaced every other year but, those businesses located in areas where there is severe weather will need to have them repaired more regularly.

Finding A Repair Shop For Your Trucks

Since trucks are a specialized field of mechanics, you will need to find a shop that is able to do all kinds of repairs to them. Look for a business that is located near your company on the internet. There may be a few of them in your general vicinity and you should check with them to see what their prices are for repair work. In order to get your business, they may offer you special deals on regular maintenance work if you bring your trucks to them for major repairs. Ask them if they can work with you on emergency calls so that if your vehicles break down, they will be able to get to them quickly. Most of these companies will have large tow trucks available for this purpose. If you use the same mechanic on a regular basis, they will get to know your vehicles and the types of repairs that they need. It is wise to consider doing this as it will ultimately save you money in the case of an emergency. When working with a mechanic, you will want to know if they will accept payment from the warranty department of any new vehicle that you own or if they will accept payment from an insurance company if there is an accident. If they do, you will not have to pay anything up front in case of repairs.